Who We Are

Grace Corporation, a manufacture of millinery products was founded in 1991.

Grace has become a household name in Japan by appealing to the fashion savvy, yet quality-minded consumer. We take pride in our products, which are made with exceptional beauty and are of the highest quality.

Grace expanded its presence to the U.S in 2001, where younger generations have been expressing themselves through uniquely trendy headwear. The Grace name quickly attracted attention when popular Hip Hop artists appeared before the media wearing our hats. We believe it is the quality and design of the product itself that has attracted great interest in Grace Hats. Since founding the company, we have been committed to producing high quality hats with unique designs and this commitment will not change.

Our aim is to spread the word about the quality and beauty of Grace’s products throughout the world as we continue to produce quality hats for the ever-changing demands of the younger generation.



“The Best Materials the World has to Offer”

Our work begins with sourcing the finest material and accessories from around the world. Superb hats are borne of unique materials representing many cultures in many locations. We are on an tireless quest to find materials that support our desire to create new, unique hats season after season.

“Placing the Greatest Value on Design Team Inspiration”

Our design ideal flows from free thought. Members of our design team personally travel throughout the world to find the right materials for GRACE. Our design staff believes in their own inspiration, selecting materials that allow the creation of hats that match their bold vision. This is why we connect with young consumers, selling more and more hats with each passing season. Our design team is our heart and soul and our pride and joy.

“Painstaking Merchandising”

Over the last several years, the market has become more specialized and segmented. Many manufactures have increased the numbers of new product rollouts during the year, clearly understanding that two or three rollouts cannot possibly address the needs of the market any longer. Since our inception, GRACE has made between six and eight new product rollouts every year. We take great pains to understand current point-of-sale trends, and we quickly incorporate our findings into each new introduction. Our credo of staying close to the consumer has received an overwhelmingly positive response, and our business partners have come to trust GRACE as a manufacturer capable of selling a high percentage of products in a variety of retail outlets.


 Our Advantages

One of the most common questions we get about our hats is: why do you make so many different kind of hats each season? While most companies are satisfied with 60 to 150 different designs each year, Grace Hats designs and manufactures about 500. We produce this abundance of designs because we highly regard the art of self-expression, and we know that it takes a wide range of colors and shapes to give voice to all the elegant, bold, beautiful, and funky chords of style with which people share who they are every day through their dress.

Hats have been around for centuries. As a matter of fact, the first representation of a hat is from 3200 BC – a pictorial in a tomb shows a man wearing a coolie straw hat. Initially, hats were simply a basic form of clothing. But as human society evolved to become more complex, hats were evolved to become markers of status, occupation, and even political affiliation. During the French Revolution, people were rebelling against "class" definition and the top hat became a symbol of this revolutionary change. It was worn by men in every social category, marking a shift in societal ideals from the age-old flamboyant aristocracy to a classless and modern urbane sophistication.

Today, a hat, more than any other accessory or clothing, is one of the most significant acts of self-expression one can make on a daily basis. In our day and age, hats are not an assumed component of daily dress. As a result, the opportunity for making a personalized statement of self with a hat, is even richer.

When you choose to put a hat on, you are choosing to put something on your head—your most visible and recognizable feature. Others will notice your hat before they really take in anything else about you. With over 40,000 hats in our hat gallery, Grace Hats ensures that you can always find the right expression.


Michal Rotschild, President